De Gesholte

A while ago I had the pleasure of designing a website for De Gesholte, a cozy bed and breakfast located in the beautiful town of Gasselte. The process was truly enjoyable, as I had the opportunity to work closely with the owners and understand their vision for the site.

The website itself was designed to showcase the charming and unique features of De Gesholte, from the comfortable guest rooms to the picturesque environment. I created a user-friendly layout that made it easy for visitors to navigate the site and learn about all the amenities that this bed and breakfast had to offer.

Sadly, De Gesholte is no longer in operation, but I still feel proud of the website that I created for them. It was a wonderful opportunity to work with a local business and help them establish an online presence that truly reflected their personality and style.

If you’re interested in checking out the website, feel free to take a look at the archived version. Even though De Gesholte is no longer in operation, their website still serves as a testament to their unique charm and hospitality.

You can visit the archived version by following this link:

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