Roodkapje in VR

Period April to June 2022

For the NAD course that I took as part of the CMD program at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, I had to choose a case to work on for this course. I had to do this project together with a classmate. We chose the case where we had to create an interactive diorama.

During one of our classes, we were busy brainstorming ideas that we could develop. Soon, Iris and I simultaneously thought of Little Red Riding Hood. Therefore, we decided to work on a VR adaptation of the Little Red Riding Hood story.

We also had to give it a complete branding. We named our fictional company VRtales, specializing in bringing fairy tales to life through VR technology. Our target audience was children who are in the hospital. Even while lying in their hospital beds, they would still have the opportunity to explore a fairy tale using VR technology.

We realized the project using Unity, and you can see how the project turned out at

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