Elite CarCare

During my internship at Puuridee, I had the opportunity to design a new logo for my colleague, Armand, for his webshop Elite CarCare over the 20 weeks I was interning there. Elite CarCare is a webshop that sells car cleaning products. It started as a hobby and has grown into a professional webshop, and of course, a professional logo is part of that!

Armand’s wish was for the new logo to be recognizable and easy to read. Based on this, I started with a competitive analysis to come up with a concept that distinguishes itself from his competitors. After that, I started my creative process by making sketches, and eventually, I came up with two versions that I was able to present in the last week of my internship!

Version 1

This logo has a robust and tough look due to the thick lines that contain corners. The logo is in the shape of a shield, built from the letters ECC, which additionally supports the payoff “Clean, protect, enjoy.” By using the colors black and gray, this logo gets a modern look. Additionally, an orange color has been chosen for the CTA that does not appear in the logo but is used in other materials such as the website and social media. Orange is a positive and motivating color that can be well used to optimize the CRO.

Version 2

Version 2 of the logo contains rounded shapes intended to make the logo appear friendly to the target audience. This logo also features the shape of a shield, composed of Yin & Yang forms, which simultaneously represent water droplets. In this logo, it was decided not to include the payoff, allowing the logo to offer a stronger appearance. Additionally, a green CTA color was used, which is also useful for optimizing the CRO.