Internship at Puuridee!

Elite CarCare



Voetbalvereniging SJS

Gemeente Borger Odoorn


Logo design



Flyer & Entrycard

Poster & Social Media

Roll-up banners & Corebook

During my internship at Puuridee, I had the opportunity to work on many assignments. I worked on projects for smaller clients, as well as for larger entities such as municipalities. I broadened my knowledge and insights during my internship and am very happy to have had such a variety of experiences, from which I have learned a lot! I learned how to collaborate in a team and how to make use of daily standups and planning. My creative thinking has improved, and I now know how to position elements effectively to create a successful design. Finally, Puuridee was definitely worth the internship experience!

Things I learned

Teamwork – planning – animation – working with brandguides – logo creation – design